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Mega Win Vegas Casino Slots in version 2.70. This is a free casino game you download on Android devices. It is compatible with older and newer Android operating systems. You only need version 2.3 of Android for this game to work well. It is excellent on the newest Android smartphones and tablets as well.

Classic Blackjack is a NetEnt offering you play at a variety of online casino venues. This game is a free play offering in demo or fun play mode. Choose top casinos such as Golden Nugget, Betfair and Sugar House Casino. Enjoy free Classic Blackjack games by NetEnt.

This game forces the dealer to stand when a soft 17 exists. It offers a payout of 3 to 2 and insurance pays out 2 to 1. This game is a standard variant that is easy for new players to learn even though a player may have three hands at a time. There is an even money option that rarely comes into play. This occurs when the player has Blackjack and the dealer has an Ace.

Additional features include the ability of the player to double down. This action takes place on any hand. You can double down after you split, except if you split aces. You can split a matching hand one time. Additionally, the rules allow that you may not hit when you split aces.

Classic Blackjack games by NetEnt do not offer a surrender option. The dealer also gets to peek for Blackjack on a 10, or on an Ace. This is American Rules game play. Those rules also mean that Classic Blackjack by NetEnt is a six-card deck game play option. The decks shuffle after each hand plays out.

Depending on if you are engaging in free play or demo mode, there are various time limits. Golden Nugget and Betfair also set their own time limits on the Blackjack Classic games. With a player return reaching 99.54 percent, this game is a sure win for regular players.

There are features such as adjustable settings for game speed. Adjust background sound to help personalize your experience. Classic Blackjack by NetEnt tends to be smoother game play on mobile devices. This is due to the touch screen version. It is a bit more functional than a mouse wheel for selections of chips and actions during game play.

Classic Blackjack by NetEnt is a sweet free casino game to play if you enjoy table games. Card players find it a realistic virtual experience. It is similar to land-based casino play. NetEnt games offer excellent graphics and player controls. Free casino games like this that you play on mobile devices mean you can take the game play anywhere.

Enjoy free casino games at Flowplay. This online venue offers players free slots, poker and blackjack. Also gain access to free bingo games and more. It is easy to become a free member of Flowplay Games. This site is able to log in through Facebook connectivity. You also can opt in to download a free app through the App Store or Google Play.