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Blackjack Casino by Bee Cave Games

Blackjack Casino is a game online that lets you enjoy Blackjack free while you socialize with friends. You also get to enjoy Blackjack as it would be played in other parts of the world. The games come with a tutorial to get you started. The graphics are astonishing and you can play with your friends online. If you already know how to play the game, you can skip the tutorial and begin gaming immediately.

Blackjack Casino Rules

As it is with Classic Blackjack games, your objective is to get 21 or as close to 21 without going over. In most cases, the dealer will stand at 17. If the dealer busts or you have a better hand, you are the winner. If you have a lower hand or you bust, the dealer wins. If you and the dealer tie, it is a push and you get your original wager back. Players do not play against each other, but they do play against the virtual dealer. When the game begins, every player gets two (2) cards. You can then use the choices available to you to improve your hand by hitting, splitting, or doubling down. You also have the option of standing.

Blackjack Casino has Easy Controls

To begin a game you have to place a minimum wager. The minimum bet is $5.00. The maximum wager is $100. You can place the minimum wager by clicking on the “Min” button. You can place the maximum bet by clicking on the “Max” button. If you click on the button with a pile of coins on it, you can create a custom wager. Casino locations in this game include places like Barton Creek, Atlantic City, Reno, and the Las Vegas Strip. Additional locations in this game online include New Orleans, Las Vegas Downtown, Macau, and Monte Carlo as well as Aruba, Singapore, South Africa, London, and the Bahamas. Each virtual destination has different house rules and game strategies. You can use keyboard shortcuts to enjoy an easy, hassle free online gaming experience as well.

When you play Blackjack Casino on Facebook, you have to give the app permission to access your basic information and your email address. The app allows friends to see game related posts on your Facebook timeline too. You can get Blackjack Casino at BeeCaveGames.com. You can also access the game on Facebook free.