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Craps Players Enjoy Mr. Win Dice And Dice Duel

Live Casino Dice and Dice Duel are two popular gaming experiences at Mr. Win Casino. These live casino games offer exciting dice play similar to virtual craps games. These are offerings from BetGames.

BetGames Dice Duel uses two dice. As in the Matrix, the choice is one blue and one red, but this time no pills – just dice. There are several ways to bet. The Main bet if the choice of red or blue. The numbers bet pairs the color with a number. If yours shows up on the game screen, you win. In the Odd and Even Bet you choose color and whether an odd or even number manifests during game play.

The Total Bet is the most complex option. Here you bet color, number and the total amount of the dice rolled. Game rounds play every four minutes in this live casino game. Place bets using the Bet Slip on the right-hand side of your player game screen. Results of your wager display as soon as the game ends on the left-hand side of the screen. Dice Duel is the second Live Casino craps style gaming experience from BetGames. The first is Dice.

Dice from BetGames is on offer at Mr. Win Casino. In this game five identical dice roll. The presenter plays the dice every five minutes on your game table. There is one wagering round in this craps style game. Your betting choices are Odds/Evens, Total Sum, Numbers and Combinations.

Combinations allow for the most flexibility in betting. You only get to choose one of these four betting styles for game play. You use a Bet Slip like in Dice Duel, to place wagers. Results in Dice are difficult to see and appear as a single line at the top left of the screen. However, every five games a splash screen pops up showing the latest winners.

Although not traditional craps, Dice and Dice Duel allow players to enjoy craps style casino games. These casino games you play free with bonus casino cash. You must be a registered player to enjoy Dice and Dice Duel live casino experiences at Mr. Win Casino. Registration is quick and you gain important bonuses as a funded customer. Players can access the games in a brief demo mode, but for extended game play, you must fun a player account to get free casino games.