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Enjoy Free Mahjong!! Game Play Around The Clock

Free Mahjong!! Is a game you play using a free iTunes app. The latest release is from March 30. 2017. This free Mahjong app download is in version 6.6. The update creates new levels for players.

This is a game that rates for ages 4 and up. It is a good introduction to how to play Mahjong. However, advanced players may not find it challenging enough according to player reviews. The tiles are large and easy to view so the game works well for a variety of screen sizes. Free Mahjong!! Is compatible with Apple TV, iPad, iPod and iPhone devices. You must have version 5.1.1 iOS or later your device to play this game.

This game is an offering of Mahjong, OOO. It is a solitaire style matching game. The game is a single player game. As with other Mahjong games, you match the tiles and clear the board level. The tiles are pair matches for clearing. You simple select the two tiles that match and they get clear from the screen. You get to match free tiles that are not covered by other tiles. Otherwise they cannot move and get clear.

This app downloads free to your choice of device in the iTunes Apple Store. It features 20 different background pictures. With download you gain access to nine different tile sets. The game has many features. You get a shadow option and can shuffle the tiles. The game also offers hints to players when you select the option. If you see a better move, the undo button allows you to retake your turn.

A feature players love is that Free Mahjong!! does not interfere with your device music player. If you choose, listen to your iTunes favorite downloads while playing the free Mahjong games simultaneously. Another feature players adore is auto save. If you are on a smartphone and you get a call, you can answer. The game will auto save. You resume game play without a hitch once your call is complete.

Many players who chose to review the game say it is ‘amazing’. The big tiles are a popular feature. The variety and intricacy of tiles is also a favorite reason to comment. The design put into this game is truly stellar even if leveling up is on the easier side for seasoned Mahjong players. This app offers traditional and non-traditional tiles.