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Get Access To Free 21 Blackjack Games Online Today

21 Blackjack is an exciting free casino game you can play today. To play free 21 Blackjack games, you need to have Adobe Flash enabled on your device. Play 21 Blackjack virtual casino games on any device that runs Flash. If you do not have Flash on your desktop, laptop or mobile device install it for free. There is a link right in game that takes you to the free download for Flash. You do not have to download any casino software to play this game for free.

Visit SlotoCash to play 21 Blackjack. The game offers a basic virtual blackjack table that is easy to understand. You start with a1000 credit balance of fun money to play with. Your bankroll balance is on the lower left of the game screen. When you begin you see the 1000 credits in bright green. This balance will go up or down depending on your wagers, wins and losses. When you reach a zero balance you refresh the game to continue play if you are still up for more blackjack.

Blackjack pays 3 to 2 and Insurance pays 2 to 1. The Dealer must hit a soft 17 in this game. Other controls include the choice of chip denominations. You wager with chip values of 1, 5, 10, 25, 100 or 500. Chips are on the lower right hand of the screen and are a variety of colors for easy distinction. Click them to select your wager amount.

One you select your wager you can play. To initiate game play, select Deal from the controls at the bottom center of the game screen. During game play, you have access to the typical actions of blackjack. 21 Blackjack games allow you to Hit, Stand, Split or Double. There are minimal, but helpful tips you can pull out with a tab on the left-hand middle of the screen. For more full instructions if you are new to 21 Blackjack, select Help.

Help is in the far lower right corner of the game screen. Select Help to bring up a new page with details of how to play the game. You learn terminology. Table limits, how to win and how the dealer plays are also covered. The Help section is very useful to new players and those who have not played 21 Blackjack previously. SlotoCash allows free blackjack gaming 24/7.