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Play Free Casino Roulette At Roulette R Us

Roulette R Us is a fantastic site to visit if you’re seeking a place to enjoy hours upon hours of free Roulette gaming. The site was created to offer Roulette for entertainment purposes only. Players will enjoy the fact that there’s no need to make a deposit in order to play games and the player does not have to register. Additional benefits associated with Roulette R Us and the games offered include the fact that there are no pop-up advertisements and no obtrusive online advertisements to interrupt your game play.

New Players Will Enjoy Tutorials

Neophyte players can learn more about Roulette by accessing tips on how to win the game, call bets, Roulette systems, the house edge, inside and outside bets, and Roulette gaming rules.

This Site Is A One Stop Roulette Resource

Roulette R Us strives to be all-inclusive by providing information about Roulette history, Roulette tips, and advice on how to play both American and European Roulette. Games are offered through an in-browser Flash application and no download is required in order to access any of the Roulette variants. The European Roulette game is offered with a virtual blue table, while the American Roulette game is offered with a green virtual table. Both games have auto features and a rebet button making your wagering simple if you want to continue wagering the same amount and number/color combos for every bet. Winning number/color combos are not only vocalized, but they are also tracked on a small history board so you can develop a wagering strategy.

Small Wheel, Big Window, Big Fun For Roulette Players

The Roulette wheel is very small, but there is a bigger window indicating what pocket the ball falls in so you can easily see the winning number/color combos. Virtual chips are offered in denominations including 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, and 50. You begin with a chip credit of $1000, and the maximum bet of $100 on each bet. The maximum bet on all outside bets is $300 and a maximum set on all inside bets is equal to $1000. Once you place your bet and spin the wheel, a computerized voice indicates that you can no longer place any more wagers. The computerized vocalizations and spinning wheel sound effects are a bit robotic, but this small issue really does not detract from the game’s other desirable features.