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Play Free Roulette Games at Roulette EDU

Roulette EDU is a site that will teach new Roulette players how to enjoy the game of Roulette, but it is also a site where adept Roulette players can simply enjoy their favorite game for free. Both American and European free Roulette games are available. The games are offered through an in-browser application; you do not have to download the free Roulette games to play. You also do not have to go through a registration process. You will need the latest Flash Player application to play the games offered by Roulette EDU.

What Types Of Roulette Games Can You Play?

The European and American Roulette games are presented with a virtual red table; the wheel is positioned in the upper left corner of the computer screen. What’s nice about the free gaming system is that a small window gives you a close up view of what pocket the ball lands in when the wheel is finished spinning. You can also track the history of winning color and number combinations; this proves quite helpful if you are looking to track hot and cold numbers as part of your Roulette playing strategy.

How Does Free Game Play Wagering Work?

Virtual betting chips are offered along the right-hand side of the screen in 1, 5, 25, and 100 chip values. You are given 1000 credits to play free games with and you can see how many credits you have remaining; how much you have wagered, and the amount of your winnings if applicable. The maximum value of your wager is $100 on any bet you place, but you can place a multiple bets in a single game. Remember, even though you are betting, this is free credits, so you are not investing any real cash money. This is free casino game play.

What Else Can I Do At The Roulette EDU Site?

Roulette EDU has featured articles for Roulette enthusiasts too. You can learn how to hone your Roulette gaming strategy, get tips on how to implement strategic play, and if you plan on visiting a casino in the future or playing online, you can find out how to go about choosing casinos offering Roulette games. Roulette EDU has feature articles highlighting house edges, European Roulette playing tips, Roulette betting structures, and information on Roulette programs and systems. There are even articles available for expert players.