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The Features of NYX’s Baccarat Free Casino Games

The Baccarat free casino games by NYX Interactive comes with exquisitely simplified , but beautiful graphic renderings. This makes the game user friendly and intuitive to navigate. This card game is relatively popular among Baccarat players. The game has a minimum bet of $1.00 and a maximum bet of $100.00. The default coin value within the game is set at $1.00. NYX’s Baccarat free casino games rely on the use of eight (8) decks of playing cards. Every deck of cards has 52 cards in the deck. If you bet on the tie and win it pays 9:1. If you bet on the banker or player, the game has a 1:1 payout.

NYX launched its version of Baccarat in the year 2011. The game has a variety of chip values including $1.00, $5.00, $10.00, and $50.00. The dark blue virtual table is attractive and the betting area is not cluttered with too much visual noise. Your virtual chips are available in the lower left hand corner of the gaming screen. Next to your chips is your account balance. The player and banker hands appear underneath the chip tray when the dealer deals out cards.

When a hand is dealt, a female voice vocalizes some of the card dealing actions. The hand values appear to the left of each hand. The female voice will vocalize who wins the round. If you are a winner, you will hear the enthusiastic words “You win.” The game has a rebet button making it easy for you to place the same bet repeatedly.

The game has mild sound effects. There is no background music. The cards make swooshing sounds when the dealer deals them and the chips make clicking sounds when you put them on the betting area. If you win, a small musical tone plays. No music plays if the dealer wins. If the dealer is the winner, the female voice says “Dealer Wins.”

The betting area consists of three circles in a column. The uppermost circle is the tie bet, the middle circle is the banker bet, and the bottommost circle is the player bet. When the game loads in your browser, you can see a white flashing highlight in the betting area urging you to place your bet.

You can play NYX’s Baccarat free at LiveCasinoDirect.com. You can also play free at Mr. Green Casino online.